Trust for Public Land

The Trust for Public Land was founded by Huey Johnson in the year 1972. The company is based out of San Francisco, California. The Trust for Public Land helps preserve natural environments such as parks, gardens, trails for people to enjoy their leisure. They are a leading conservative non-profit organization having offices in over twenty five states in the United States.

However, their project spreads across all the places in the United States. The Trust for Public Land is headed by William B. Rogers who is the President and Chief Executive Officer. He is a well-known advocate for land conservation. Page Knudsen Cowles is the Chair, Board of Directors. She also serves as Trustee and Managing Director for number of other companies.

The Trust for Public Land partners with Corporate to help create new playgrounds or parks in different cities. Many companies partner with them and promote the cause of preserving natural space for future generations to enjoy. The Trust for Public Land also awards individuals who do exceptional work to conserve natural reserve and contribute to the society in a positive way.

They honor these people to create awareness so also inspire others to make positive contribution in conserving natural resources. They also organize tours to some of the places where the organization has helped to conserve natural reserves and the scenic beauty of the place. There are also small guided tours along with people working with Trust for Public to help people understand their work and also inspire the individuals to support their cause.

Trust for Public also encourages volunteers to contribute their expertise in areas such as marketing, report writing, administration, research, fundraising and organizational development. Trust for Public also has a web store which sells books, T-shirts, gift certificate and CD's among various other things. The contribution directly goes to support activities which ensure conservation of natural space.


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